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The Motowinch- $1000 Deposit Order


Motowinch is the multi-season, multi-sport, radio-controlled (RC) electric sport winch with smart handle for rider-driven speed control that features a rugged, all-terrain exterior. Motowinch components include winch chassis, e-box (contains proprietary battery), and smart handle. No winch operator required. FCC certified for sale in the USA.

Estimated delivery 8-10 weeks, Reserve your spot before we sell out!

**Limited Color Production Runs**

Depending on production type and order date there will be limited color runs of both the Handle & Rope Color.

International Customers

The first production run will be for customers in North America. International orders may have significant delays, we are still researching the best methods for international shipping . Before placing your order, please contact us with your location details to get shipping rates and delivery information.

Checkout Terms:

$1000 Initial Deposit at Check-Out to reserve your Motowinch.

The remaining balance will be processed prior to shipping.


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