The History of RC Includes Motowinch

The RC Legacy Meets Motowinch

Radio- and remote-control (RC) technology has witnessed an astounding evolution over the years. One of the notable milestones in this journey is the advent of Motowinch, which leveraged RC technology to revolutionize electric winches for action sports.


Steering Without a Winch Operator

Traditionally, most winches in action sports necessitated a winch operator. Motowinch, however, emerged as a game-changer. Infusing the rider’s handle with RC technology, the Motowinch RC Smart Handle came to life. This intelligent piece of tech not only steers the winch but also manages its speed. Dive deeper into its intricacies here: What is an RC "Smart Handle?"


RC Demystified

"RC" encapsulates both "radio-controlled" and "remote-controlled." When we delve into Motowinch's realm, it encompasses both dimensions. The magic lies in the synergy of four essential components: the receiver, transmitter, motor, and power source.

The dynamic between the receiver and transmitter is where the action happens. However, the lifeblood of these components is the power source. At the heart of Motowinch, there’s a petite battery nested in the RC Smart Handle, complemented by a potent lithium-ion battery fueling the motor.


Harnessing 2.4 GHz Band

The world of RC toys predominantly resonates with the 2.4 GHz radio frequency, revered for its proficiency in warding off radio interference. When a rider wielding the Motowinch RC Smart Handle makes a split-second decision to ramp up or ease the speed, a radio signal is dispatched. The motor responds in kind, accelerating or decelerating.


Wi-Fi and Line-of-Sight

RC operations often tap into Wi-Fi, with the 2.4-gigahertz radio band emerging as the favored choice. Why? Its prowess in line-of-sight operations is unparalleled. Motowinch users will attest to the stellar performance when the RC Smart Handle aligns with the line-of-sight of the Motowinch antenna. This alignment ensures seamless communication and optimal response times.


What Sets Motowinch Apart?

Armed with two US design patents and the prestigious FCC certification, Motowinch is primed for the USA market. However, the true differentiation lies in its groundbreaking RC technology. It hands the reins to the rider, enabling unparalleled control via the RC Smart Handle.


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