Where Do You Winch?

Do you have a favorite place to winch? Maybe you go to a place you think only you have discovered. Do you go to your secret spot and winch by yourself? Or did you share that information with your crew?


A lot of people in action sports and winching do something called a “spot check” where they notice a spot that might have potential for winching - so they stop and check it out - making a plan on how to set up for an awesome session or two. Because Motowinch is the most portable electric winch for action sports, riders enjoy more independence and can get to spots never before accessible to people in action sports.


What do you look for in a winch spot? Which elements are your favorite to seek out? It depends on the board, the season, and if you’re downtown or out-of-town. If you know of a sick spot for us to scope, tag @Motowinch and let us know. #spotcheck


Use Motowinch in water to surf, skim, wakeskate, wakeboard, foil, windsurf, kitesurf, SUP, or tube. Use Motowinch in snow to ski, snowboard, or toboggan to tow up!


Do you winch in all seasons or winch in just one? Which board is your favorite? We want to know. Tell us by tagging @Motowinch. Tell us what you think and show us where you go. Tag our Motowinch IG page or send raw footage to media@motowinch.com to be featured on our page.


If you don’t have a winch - what are you waiting for? Motowinch has a Fall Promotion happening right now where you can save $250. If you have more questions before you click the “add to cart” button, ask us directly in the Live Chat box. You can also hit us up at (904) 478-8404, send an email to sales@motowinch.com, or submit a question to Motowinch - contact us.