Snow Applications


Motowinch is the only radio-controlled (RC) electric winch for action sports that is rider-driven with no need for a winch operator. In places where it snows, having a Motowinch RC winch gives skiers and snowboard riders options to get through the winter season wanting more - and getting more. There are many reasons to love using Motowinch and its RC Smart Handle with snow sports and winter action sports!


Popular winter board sports skiing, snowboarding, sledding, tubing and tobogganing all require a lift uphill. Bring Motowinch and tow up! Control your speed with the Motowinch RC Smart Handle. Tow up and ride down. No lines – and no cutting! Plus, the “lift” can move with you. If you tire of riding in one secret spot, move to another and go. With Motowinch, skiers and snowboard riders enjoy more time riding and less time in between rides. No chairlift? No problem when you have a Motowinch RC Smart Handle. Motowinch easily straps to a tree, fence, bridge, snow machine or vehicle, and moves with you. Wherever you go in the winter and snow - take Motowinch. It’s the chairlift-in-a-box device to make winter more fun!


With Motowinch there are no uphill hikes to get to the top - especially in the back-country – because skiers and snowboarders can tow up using the Motowinch RC Smart Handle. In the winter no one needs help getting down a mountain or hill on a sled, tube, toboggan, skis or a snowboard. But that walk up is tiring especially for little shredders. With Motowinch athletes and enthusiasts get more runs and no waiting. Ride down, carrying the Motowinch RC Smart Handle, and when you get to the place you want to stop (or the end of the rope, just press the thumb throttle and winch back up. Repeat as much as you (and the gang) can take. Motowinch is fun for the whole family!


Active riders enjoy learning new sports, trying out boards and getting creative. Motowinch allows riders to try new sports and boards in the snow and make progress in their performance. Strap Motowinch on the back of a snow machine and go - or take Motowinch places that a snow machine can’t get to. Get creative with a 2-way pulley after you secure Motowinch safely and winch where you dream, as long as physics and the law will allow it.



Motowinch is the best electric winch for action sports for weekend shredders and aspiring pro-riders. Motowinch gives skiers and snowboard riders who dream of flying over a kicker the ability to build a jump and take repeated practice runs on it using the Motowinch RC Smart Handle. Enthusiastic riders who live near open spaces of flat land or who can hop on an empty golf course (with permission) take Motowinch and enjoy more riding time and more practice time alone or with a crew. Having the Motowinch and its RC smart handle gives riders the ability to drive to a spot and get in a training session anytime.



With traditional winches that include a winch operator - sometimes things don’t go as planned. The result can be miscommunication and loud voices if the winch operator can’t see what the rider sees. With the Motowinch RC smart handle shared experiences include more smiles and cheers and fewer frowns and jeers. Motowinch encourages quality time on a day outside with friends or family to give everyone elevated heartbeats, big smiles, and lasting memories.


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