Water Applications


Motowinch is the rider-driven radio-controlled (RC) sport winch is an easy to transport winch that weighs 45 lbs. and includes an “e-box” with proprietary single battery, an electric winch chassis, and RC smart handle. Lakes are ideal for tow sports, including wakeboarding, wakeskating, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and foiling. Rivers, streams, and ditches with still and running waters also provide opportunities to discover and explore.



Because Motowinch is uber portable, it doesn’t take long to discover the perfect place to strap in and start towing! Rocks, fixtures, trees, and tailgates give board riders many options to use tie-downs or straps to secure Motowinch and get in and ride. Have fun with Motowinch to tow tubes, floats, water toys, canoes, and kayaks to get the whole family involved.



Residing by a water body, like a river or lake, opens up a world of opportunities for riders to utilize the Motowinch either solo or as part of a group. The lack of waves won't hinder your fun; Motowinch's ingenious 2-way snatch box pulley system lets riders craft their optimal angle with absolute ease. With Motowinch, the conventional limits are blurred and creativity in approaching water sports is encouraged. You're able to explore new dimensions of thrill and excitement as you navigate the waters, making each ride a unique experience. Moreover, this versatility strengthens the bond among friends as they join together in this shared adventure, creating unforgettable moments with the Motowinch.



Take the Motowinch to locales where a boat or personal watercraft (PWC) would find impossible to access, or simply fasten the Motowinch onto your vessel. By doing so, upon reaching your destination, riders are presented with an array of possibilities. The Motowinch is a superb choice for locations such as no-wake zones and secluded beaches, providing the perfect solution to set up and tow. With the Motowinch in your toolkit, you're empowered to venture beyond typical boundaries, discovering secluded spots and unique landscapes that most watercraft cannot. This device offers an alluring combination of versatility and exploration, allowing riders to experience new thrills and scenic beauty like never before.



There are many opportunities for shared experiences to wakeboard, wakeskate, tube, or float down a river using Motowinch. Using a foil with Motowinch gives riders a chance to master their skills and use technology for a lift.

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