The Story of Motowinch

The Legacy of Motowinch: From Dream to Revolution


The Birth of an Idea: Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Joey Jones, a native of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, was not your everyday boy-next-door. A lifeguard as his first job, Joey's heart was set on action sports. From surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding to dirt biking, the sheer thrill and athleticism of it were in his DNA. The push for sports progression coupled with a penchant for performance style made Joey chase dreams bigger than life.


Connecting Waves, Wind, and Wonders

Drawing from his knowledge of waves, wind, tides, and everything aquatic, Joey stumbled upon wakeskater Thomas Horrell from Orlando, Florida. Thomas carved his name in history as the first person to use a winch in 2004. It wasn't long before Joey, in collaboration with legendary California surfer Josh Sleigh, integrated the gas-powered Grinch Winch to tow into the sweeping waves. The idea was not just to ride the wave but to challenge it.


A Leap of Innovation: From Joey Winch to Yoke Winch

Joey's knack for innovation was undeniable. After spending quality time in Puerto Rico and assuming the moniker "Joey Winch," he served as the Team Manager at Ridiculous Winches. His commitment led to a magazine cover featuring the majestic winch in its full glory. However, a pivotal moment in Joey's journey was his realization of the need for rider independence. He knew there had to be a better way.


Redefining Mobility with Motowinch

The answer? Motowinch. Joey's creative genius took him to harness RC technology to design the first functional prototype of Motowinch. The emphasis was on empowering riders. In a futuristic move, Joey incorporated an electric motor in his 2011 prototype, predating the boom of electric technology. When 2014 rolled around, Joey showcased his brainchild at the Surf Expo. Needless to say, Motowinch bagged the title of the "best new product," ushering in a wave of potential for this novel motorsport.


The Journey of Perfecting Motowinch

Every game-changing innovation requires time and the right set of people. With a verified concept in hand, Joey and his team dived into patenting, recruiting talent, engineering, testing, certifying, scaling, and manufacturing. By 2018, two US design patents were secured, marking the official beginning of the Motowinch era.


Where We Are Today

If you've been in touch with our Instagram @motowinch or Facebook on the Motowinch Founder's page or the Official Motowinch page, you've witnessed the evolution of our brand. With two US design patents, FCC certification, and the exclusive title of the only multi-season, multi-sport RC electric winch for action sports, Motowinch stands unparalleled. Its unique battery design ensures you can carry the thrill anywhere, sans a winch operator.

Whether it's surfing, foiling, skiing, snowboarding, or simply tobogganing in the snow, Motowinch has revolutionized the sport. For businesses, Motowinch offers a comprehensive solution - turning an ordinary day into an unforgettable adventure.


Join the Motowinch Revolution

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