Why Tow?

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The Winch Revolution: Transforming the World of Towed Sports


The Genesis of Change

From traditional water skiing to tubing behind speedboats, the very essence of being towed has seen a dynamic shift. This proliferation of tow sports is attributed to the groundbreaking evolution of the winch. In 2004, Thomas Horrell from Orlando didn't just ride the waves; he reshaped wakeskating by introducing the gas-powered winch, heralding a new era.


Broadening Horizons

What began as an innovation for water soon found its feet (and wheels) on snow. Enthusiasts from various action sports quickly realized the winch's potential, adopting it for surfing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding.


Technological Leaps: From Noise to Silence, Manual to Remote

The winch's journey from gas-powered to electric marked a significant stride, but Motowinch took it a step further. Their pioneering radio- and remote-controlled (RC) technology spelled autonomy for riders. This advancement, epitomized by the “RC Smart Handle”, puts control back into the hands of the sportsperson. For a deeper understanding, one might explore: What is a "RC Smart Handle".


The Drive and The Experience

While the athlete's pursuit for speed stems from a passion for skill mastery, the weekend lover finds exhilaration in the ride itself. The winch, in all its versatility, has enhanced not just wakeskating but an array of sports – from windsurfing to skiing. But beyond the sport, Motowinch promises an experience – a realm where boundaries blur between fun, innovation, and business. Dive into this world of Motowinch.


Embracing the Future

In the evolving landscape of towed sports, the real question isn't 'Why Tow?' – it’s 'Why Not?'. Be part of this transformation. #pilotyourpull #winchmore #motowinch

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