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The Worlds Only Patented Radio Controlled Winch US 9,556,008 B2 // US 9,573,665, B2

WINCH ALL YEAR ROUND! #Pilotyourpull


SNOW Application

Transform winter landscapes into your personal playground with Motowinch. From snowboarding to skiing, its versatility brings endless possibilities to snow-covered terrains. Dive deeper into how Motowinch elevates your winter sports experience on our dedicated Snow Applications Page.


WATER Application

Motowinch turns any body of water into an exhilarating adventure zone. Whether wakeboarding, surfing, or exploring new ways to ride the waves, discover the full potential of water sports with Motowinch. Learn more about its aquatic capabilities on our Water Applications page.



100% Rider Controlled For Optimal Performance

Motowinch is the multi-season, multi-sport, radio-controlled (RC) electric sport winch with smart handle for rider-driven speed control that features a rugged, all-terrain exterior.


  • 6-2
  • 5-4

Ultimate Control

Motowinch Proprietary Smart Handle

Experience the freedom and confidence that comes with the Motowinch Proprietary Smart Handle. Designed to put you in full control, this innovative handle is packed with features to enhance your ride.

  • Wireless Connectivity: Instantly connects to the winch with long-range wireless frequency for seamless control.
  • Intuitive Design: Combines decades of motocross throttle engineering with board riding for unparalleled self-control and power.
  • Adaptable for All Ages: Makes riding accessible and easy to learn for all ages, ensuring a smooth and confident experience every time.

Join the Winchcross Revolution

Discover the Future of Solo Riding with Motowinch

Elevate your adventure with the latest in motorsports innovation. Motowinch isn't just a product; it's a movement towards cleaner, quieter, and more responsible riding. Designed for thrill-seekers who respect the planet, our winches promise an unmatched level of performance, durability, and fun. Whether you're slicing through waves, exploring the back-country, or cruising the streets, Motowinch offers the ultimate freedom.

Revolutionizing Adventure Sports

Unleash Limitless Potential with Motowinch

Embrace the future of outdoor exploration with Motowinch, a marvel of innovation and the only patented thumb throttle design recognized in the industry. Born from the genius minds affiliated with NASA and celebrated as award-winning at the Action Sports Trade Show, Motowinch stands at the forefront of adventure sports technology. Tested and trusted by elite athletes, it delivers unmatched reliability across diverse conditions and terrains, from the frothy crests of waves to the untouched snow on mountain slopes.

Crafted for the thrill-seeker who demands excellence, Motowinch boasts outstanding quality with a robust design that's both compact and ready for any adventure. Powered by a high-capacity single battery, it promises sustained performance, enabling you to venture further with confidence. Discover the exhilaration of seamless movement in water and snow, and redefine what it means to play outdoors. With Motowinch, every environment becomes an invitation to adventure, a challenge to be met with enthusiasm and skill. Join the revolution and turn the world into your riding playground.

Trusted by Champions

Real Riders, Real Reviews

Experience the Motowinch through the eyes of those who've pushed it to the limits. Our community of riders includes professionals who have rigorously tested its durability and performance in the harshest conditions, from towering waves to snow-capped mountains. Their testimonials speak volumes, highlighting the transformative power of Motowinch in unlocking new realms of adventure and freedom. Discover why enthusiasts and elite athletes alike endorse Motowinch as a game-changer in outdoor sports, proving it's not just a tool, but a gateway to unparalleled experiences.

Motowinch-AWSI-2023 Motowinch-review-in-the-Snow Motowinch-review-at-the-beach

A Wave Rider's Dream

"Absolutely thrilled with my Motowinch! It's revolutionized how I approach water sports, offering endless fun and new challenges. The build quality is superb, handling both calm and rough waters with ease!"

Snowbound Revolution

Motowinch has truly transformed my approach to snowboarding. The freedom it grants on the slopes is something I've never experienced before. It's a genuine game-changer. The ease of use and the freedom it provides on the slopes are unparalleled. Truly a game-changer."

Adventures Unleashed: Across Terrain and Tide

"Exploring with Motowinch has revolutionized my adventures in both snow and water sports. Its unmatched design merges power with portability, surpassing all expectations in diverse environments. The smart handle's precise control elevates my experience, while its durability and easy maintenance make it an indispensable companion for any thrill-seeker."