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Meet the Mavericks of Motowinch

Discover the champions of the Motowinch world, from the thrill-seeking Sickos to groundbreaking athletes like Kai Lenny and Josh Sleigh. These elite riders not only push the limits of their respective sports but also embody the spirit of innovation that Motowinch champions. Each athlete brings a unique flair to their discipline, utilizing our cutting-edge technology to redefine what's possible in action sports. Join us as we showcase their incredible journeys, daring exploits, and the pivotal role Motowinch plays in their quest for adrenaline.

Rider Spotlight

Athlete Profiles

Explore the profiles of Motowinch's professional athletes and ambassadors. Each one, from wakeboarder Dary Znebel to surfer Jamie O'Brien and beyond, brings a wealth of expertise and an insatiable appetite for pushing boundaries. Their stories are not just about personal achievement but also about inspiring a new generation of riders to take up the mantle and innovate within their sports.

The Sickos

The Sickos, a tight-knit group of childhood friends from Hood River, Oregon, live life on the edge, shunning ordinary living for the thrill of audacious, adrenaline-pumping exploits around the globe. As seasoned athletes, they excel in kiteboarding, surfing, skiing, and beyond, all while capturing their adventures on their wildly popular YouTube channel. With the tagline, “professional fun-havers, full-time psych masters, and absolute kooks,” they radiate a spirit of undying adventure that resonates with their fast-growing fanbase.

One constant companion on their adrenaline-infused journeys is the Motowinch, an innovative, compact winch that's perfectly suited for their daredevil lifestyle. The Sickos use the Motowinch to pioneer insane stunts, like creating colossal rope swings over the ocean, amplifying the thrill and intensity of their exploits. Its compact and portable design fits seamlessly into their globetrotting life, making it easy to carry from the heights of the Swiss Alps to the sunny shores of Barcelona.

Josh Sleigh

Josh Sleigh, a titan in the world of surfing, is celebrated for his vanguard aerialist style and groundbreaking maneuvers. His roots trace back to the vibrant surfing scenes of Hawaii and California, which laid the foundation for his iconic status in the sport. Josh's surfing acumen is augmented by his expertise as a board shaper, crafting equipment that complements his unique approach to riding waves.

His dedication to nurturing the future of surfing and wake surfing has now led him to become an integral part of the Motowinch team. With Motowinch's innovative technology at his disposal, Josh is poised to explore new frontiers in the sport and push the limits of what's possible on the waves. This partnership not only highlights Josh's progressive vision for surfing but also signifies our shared commitment to enhancing the sport through continuous innovation.


Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny, an exceptional athlete hailing from Maui, Hawaii, is an unparalleled force across multiple water sports disciplines. An accomplished surfer, windsurfer, kitesurfer, and stand-up paddle boarder, Kai's mastery of these sports is a testament to his dedication and versatility. His innovative approach and exceptional talent have seen him conquer big wave surfing, marking him as one of the greats in the water sports world.

Joining the Motowinch team, Kai brings a depth of knowledge, wealth of experience, and a spirit of relentless innovation. His versatility aligns perfectly with our vision of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in water sports. As Kai continues to make waves in his sports, we are thrilled to be part of his journey. The future is bright for this multi-disciplined waterman, and we look forward to seeing what new heights he will reach.

Dary Znebel

Dary Znebel, a distinguished professional wakeboarder with over 14 years of teaching experience, brings his fervor for water sports and unrivaled expertise to the Motowinch team. Starting his water sports journey at a young age, Dary transitioned from waterskiing and competitive gymnastics to wakeboarding, securing his first victory at 14 and subsequently landing a sponsorship with Obrien Watersports. The combination of Dary's skill and Motowinch's innovative technology allows him to explore uncharted territories in wakeboarding.

Its superior performance enables him to reach remote waterways, unattainable by traditional boats, and tackle challenging water conditions. As a decorated competitor with four Canadian National Champion titles, Dary’s contribution to the Motowinch team is invaluable. The release of his pro model wakeboard "the DZ" in 2020 further highlights his significance in the sport. Now, leveraging Motowinch's capabilities, Dary continues to push boundaries, inspire future generations of riders, and shape the future of wakeboarding.


Austin Keen

Austin Keen is a standout talent in water sports, excelling in skim boarding, foil surfing, and wake surfing. His innovative techniques and precise performances have earned him a respected place in the industry. Raised in coastal Georgia, Austin's deep-seated passion for water sports propels him to push boundaries and inspire future athletes. Joining the Motowinch team, Austin's multifaceted skills and inspiring spirit represent our dedication to pushing boundaries and nurturing talent. We eagerly look forward to his continued journey, breaking waves in skim, foil, and wake surfing.

Being a former World Champion Skimboarder, Austin has a dedication to excellence that is truly inspiring. His relentless drive has led to numerous collaborations with major brands and features in several media outlets. Beyond his accomplishments, Austin is an advocate for inclusivity and environmental conservation in water sports, spreading a powerful message of respect for both the community and the oceans. With his versatility and commitment, Austin's contributions to the Motowinch team will undoubtedly foster innovation and inspire the next generation of athletes. Austin’s role in our team symbolizes our shared ambition to revolutionize water sports, making it more accessible and exciting for everyone.

Jesse Richman

Jesse Richman, a world-class kiteboarder and 2020's King of the Air, embodies a relentless pursuit of excellence and stoke for life. A multi-world-title holder and Maui native, Jesse displays an unparalleled zeal whether he's carving up 60ft waves or launching off snow-capped Norwegian peaks. His life took on deeper meaning with the birth of his daughter, inspiring his drive to be the best possible version of himself. Jesse's training is a cyclical regimen of preparation, performance, and recovery, with a significant emphasis on mental resilience and fear management.

His reliance on trusted gear like the North Carve kite underscores the importance of equipment in high-stakes action sports. A critical part of Jesse's gear is his portable Motowinch, which enables him to venture into various terrains with his kites and foil. An advocate of continuous learning, he recommends courses such as the Big Wave Risk Assessment Group and freediving to bolster confidence in the ocean. His triumph at the 2020 Red Bull King of the Air demonstrated his evolved mindset, where family joy and big wave excitement took center stage.

Luke Denny

Luke Denny, a talented and passionate wakeskater, stands out for his unique style and dedication to the sport. His exceptional performance on the water consistently pushes the boundaries of what is possible in wakeskating. We at Motowinch are thrilled to welcome him to our team and are eager to support his continuous growth and contribution to our community of riders.

Austin Tovey

Austin Tovey, an elite waterman, is renowned for his skills in foiling, kiting, wakeboarding, and wing surfing. Known for executing the first tantrum in surf and the first “raley” behind a boat on foil, Austin continually pushes the boundaries of what's possible in water sports. His dynamic partnership with his father, a fellow foiler and tow partner, exemplifies their shared passion for innovation and boundary-pushing feats. Now as part of the Motowinch team, Austin utilizes our pioneering winch technology to take his adventurous spirit anywhere, transcending traditional limitations. His audacious maneuvers and pursuit of excellence, paired with Motowinch's capabilities, are set to revolutionize the future of water sports.

Want To Become A Motowinch Elite Rider?

Ever dreamed of becoming part of a groundbreaking, trailblazing team of athletes who share your passion for board sports across all seasons and terrains? Here's your opportunity to join the Motowinch family. We're on the lookout for skilled and adventurous individuals to represent our innovative Motowinch - the portable, top-tier quality, multi-season, multi-sport, radio-controlled (RC) electric sport winch with smart handle for rider-driven speed control.

Being a part of our team is about more than just embracing the thrill of the ride. It's about becoming part of a community that resonates with the adrenaline of board sports, be it on snow, water, or any other surface. With Motowinch's unique components, including the winch chassis, the e-box with our proprietary battery, and the smart handle, we're setting new standards in the industry - no winch operator required.

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This is your moment to make a mark in the board sports world. We're keen to uncover your unique journey, your triumphs, and comprehend how you could enrich the Motowinch Elite Athlete Team. To ensure we fully understand your potential, we request you to fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible. Let's begin this exhilarating journey together!