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Meet the Innovators

Behind Motowinch: Our Team

Meet the dynamic team driving Motowinch forward. From visionary roots to innovative leadership, our collective expertise spans across engineering, product strategy, and finance, all united by a passion for action sports and technological advancement. Get to know the individuals who are not just part of Motowinch but are Motowinch, shaping the future of motorsports and redefining the boundaries of adventure.

Meet Our Core

The Team at Motowinch

Introducing the powerhouse team behind Motowinch, where innovation meets expertise. Led by Joey Jones, our visionary founder and seasoned winch designer, our team embodies the spirit of progression and passion. Andrea Copeland, our Product Strategist, infuses dynamic ideas and energetic support, ensuring our products resonate with customers. Josh Baltaxe brings meticulous engineering insights to our product development, crafting practical solutions from groundbreaking ideas. Tim Rahn, overseeing Finance, applies his extensive entrepreneurial experience to sharpen our business strategies. Adding to our robust lineup, Kareem Ghaine, our Sales Director, strategically drives our market presence, ensuring Motowinch reaches every enthusiast. Together, we push the limits of what's possible in motorsports, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and innovation.


Joey Jones



Tim Rahn

Finance Executive


Josh Baltaxe

Director of Engineering


Andrea Copeland

Product Strategist

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Kareem Ghanie

Sales Director


Jack Grey

Marketing Strategist