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Real World Applications of Motowinch

Elevate Your Winter Game

Snow Application

Unleash the thrill of winter sports with Motowinch, your compact, rider-driven electric winch that requires no operator. Perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and more, it turns snow-clad hills into your personal adventure park. Easily attach it to trees, fences, or vehicles, and enjoy uphill tows with your personal "chairlift-in-a-box". Say goodbye to tiring uphill hikes and increase your ride time. Whether exploring new winter sports, improving performance, or creating shared experiences, Motowinch elevates your snowy escapades to the next level!

Motowinch's Snow Application
Motowinch's Water Application

Conquer the Waters

Water Application

Discover new heights in aquatic sports with Motowinch, your compact, rider-controlled electric winch. Perfect for wakeboarding, surfing, kneeboarding, and more, this portable 45 lb. winch transforms lakes, rivers, and streams into your personal playground. Use the surrounding environment for setups and let Motowinch take your board sports experiences to the next level. Explore, create, and master your skills with this versatile game-changer.

Your Adventure, Customized

Custom Solutions Await

If your adventure doesn't fit the mold, we're here to help tailor the experience. Motowinch thrives on innovation and adaptability, making us eager to explore new applications with you. Contact us, and let's collaborate on crafting a solution that propels your unique adventure forward. Together, we can push the boundaries of possibility.

Motowinch Use Case Request

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