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Innovative Control

What is a Smart Handle?

The Heart of Rider Freedom

The Smart Handle is an integral part of Motowinch, offering precise control over your adventure. It's designed to empower riders with the ability to adjust speed instantly and intuitively, ensuring a ride that's tailored to your skills and environment. This cutting-edge technology brings motocross-level responsiveness to the realm of board sports, enhancing safety and fun.

The Smart Handle

Innovative Power

The Smart Handle

The Smart Handle by Motowinch transforms the way riders interact with their environment, merging advanced technology with user-friendly design. This unique control device allows for unprecedented precision and freedom, making every ride a tailor-made experience.

  • Instant Control: Empowers riders with real-time speed adjustments, offering unparalleled control over their ride.
  • Wireless Freedom: Features long-range wireless connectivity, removing the need for direct line-of-sight operation and bulky cables.
  • Ergonomic Design: The intuitive joystick-inspired design is derived from motocross throttle systems, providing comfortable and natural control.
  • Universal Compatibility: Engineered to work seamlessly across all types of terrain, whether on water, snow, or urban landscapes, enhancing the versatility of the Motowinch system.

Control Redefined

Explore the Smart Handle

Discover how the Smart Handle transforms the riding experience with its advanced features. From effortless wireless connectivity to precision speed control, this tool is designed to elevate your control and confidence in any terrain. It's not just a handle; it's your gateway to mastering the elements with ease.

Always Connected

Wireless Control at Your Fingertips

Experience the seamless integration of Motowinch's Smart Handle, which connects wirelessly to your winch over long distances. This advanced feature eliminates the need for physical operators, letting you enjoy a smooth and responsive riding experience solo. Its reliable wireless communication ensures that you remain in charge, no matter the environment, simplifying your setup and riding process.


Empower Your Ride

Volts of Freedom: Total Control in Your Hands

The Motowinch Smart Handle revolutionizes your riding experience by giving you complete control over your speed with just the push of a thumb. Perfect for riders of any age, this feature enhances independence and boosts confidence by allowing you to adjust your pace on the fly. With the ability to tailor each ride to your preference and skill level, the Smart Handle ensures every outing is perfectly suited to your desires and the conditions, any time of year.

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Master Your Moves

Smart Equals Precision

The Motowinch Smart Handle is engineered to function like an intuitive joystick, mirroring the familiar feel of motocross throttles but optimized for board sports. This integration offers riders unparalleled control and power, allowing for precise adjustments to speed and movement. Whether facing the rolling waves or snowy slopes, the Smart Handle empowers riders to execute every maneuver with confidence and precision.

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