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Opt for immediate access to the thrill of Motowinch by paying the full price of $6000 now. This option not only places you at the front of the line but also offers a substantial saving of $500.

Embrace the full spectrum of action sports across all seasons with a device that's designed for the adventurer in you. The Motowinch Bundle is your ticket to a world of excitement, with its state-of-the-art RC Smart Handle and multi-terrain capabilities, ready to redefine your outdoor experiences.

  • Rugged Design
  • Smart Handle Technology
  • Extended Reach
  • 10,000+ ft of pull power



E-Box - The Heart of Motowinch

The E-Box is where the magic happens, acting as the brain of the Motowinch system. Housing the advanced antenna for impeccable connection, a robust battery for lasting power, and the central processing unit, this compact powerhouse orchestrates every aspect of your ride. It ensures seamless operation, from speed adjustments to safety features, making every adventure as thrilling as it is reliable.

Smart Handle

Smart Handle - Revolutionizing Rider Control

The Motowinch Smart Handle is a revolutionary tool that puts volts of freedom directly in the rider's hands. With its unique design, the handle allows for instant, intuitive control over speed, empowering riders of any age and skill level to tailor their experience on the fly. This wireless marvel eliminates the need for an operator, fostering independence and confidence with every ride. Whether carving through waves or gliding over snow, the Smart Handle ensures your perfect ride, every time.

Winch Chasis

Winch Chasis - The Muscle Behind the Motion

The Winch Chassis is the workhorse of the Motowinch, designed to deliver unmatched pulling power across any terrain. Crafted with durability and efficiency in mind, it handles the demands of both water and snow sports with ease. The chassis's robust construction ensures your Motowinch can withstand the elements and the rigors of extreme sports, providing a steady, powerful pull for your most adventurous days.

Motowinch Strapped to a tree with speciality straps

Unlock Full Potential

Next-Level Customization and Support

When you choose the full-price option for the Motowinch Bundle, you're not just getting priority access; you're unlocking a world of customization and dedicated support designed to elevate your experience. Our team is committed to ensuring your Motowinch is tailored to fit your adventurous lifestyle, offering personalized setup advice, and detailed guides on maximizing your winch's performance for your chosen sport. With around-the-clock support and a community of enthusiasts at your fingertips, you're joining an ecosystem dedicated to pushing the limits of what's possible. Step into the future of outdoor sports with Motowinch, where every ride is an opportunity to discover something extraordinary.

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