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Unleash the power of innovation with the Motowinch, a game-changing RC electric sport winch that transforms any terrain into your personal playground. Equipped with a smart handle for precise rider-driven speed control and engineered for versatility across all seasons and sports, the Motowinch offers an environmentally friendly, exhilarating ride. Its robust, all-terrain design is complemented by a compact and portable build, ensuring you can bring the thrill of winching wherever adventure calls. With no need for an operator and FCC certification for peace of mind, the Motowinch is designed for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike, promising clean, quiet, and boundless enjoyment in the great outdoors.



  • Rugged Design
  • Extended Reach
  • Smart Handle Technology
  • 10,000+ ft of pull power

Praised by Pros

" You use the winch and you are doing things that are completely unbelieveable. "

- Kai Lenny // Professional Surfer

Wear the Adventure

Official Motowinch Merchandise

Embrace the Motowinch lifestyle with our exclusive line of apparel, from weather-resistant jackets to stylish tees and cozy beanies, all crafted for comfort and designed to make a statement.

  • Durable Comfort:
  • Signature Style
  • Versatile Wear
  • Functional Fashion

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