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Adventure Beyond Limits

Motowinch: Conquer the Winter Terrain

Transforming Every Snow Adventure

Elevate Your Winter

Chairlift-In-A-Box: Your Ticket to the Slopes

Motowinch transforms any snowy hill into a personal ski resort. Its unique RC electric winch system eliminates the need for uphill hikes, offering skiers and snowboarders effortless ascents with the touch of a thumb. Say goodbye to waiting in line and hello to more runs, more fun, and endless possibilities in your winter playground.

  • Effortless Ascents: Skip the uphill struggle and access the slopes directly, maximizing your time enjoying the snow.
  • Personal Ski Resort: Transform any snowy landscape into your own private winter sports playground.
  • More Fun, Less Waiting: Enjoy continuous runs without the wait, making every winter day an adventure.

Winter Adventure Redefined

Unleash Winter with Motowinch

Elevate your winter sports experience with Motowinch, transforming any snowy landscape into your personal adrenaline-filled arena. From effortless uphill access to exploring new terrains and perfecting your skills, Motowinch is your passport to unlimited winter adventures.


Infinite Rides, No Wait

Maximize Your Snow Day

With Motowinch, the journey uphill is as smooth as your ride down. Designed for ease and efficiency, it caters to all ages, ensuring that even the youngest shredders have more energy for the slopes. This innovative winch system enriches your snow adventures by eliminating tiring treks back up, making every trip downhill just the beginning. Embrace the joy of more runs and less downtime in your snow-filled escapades.


Unlock New Winter Sports

A Gateway to Snowy Adventures

Motowinch is not just a tool; it's a passport to exploring the vast world of winter sports. It encourages riders to try new disciplines, from snowboarding to sledding, in the comfort and safety of their chosen environment. Strap it to a snow machine or set it up in untouched snow for a day of exploration and progress. Motowinch supports your adventurous spirit, allowing you to push the boundaries of traditional winter sports.

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Perfect Your Performance

Elevate Your Skills

Transform any open space into a professional training arena with Motowinch. Its versatility allows for repeated runs on your custom jumps, enabling detailed practice sessions that are crucial for skill development. Whether you're aiming to master a new trick or refine your technique, Motowinch provides the consistency and reliability needed for effective training. It's an essential tool for athletes aspiring to reach new heights in their snow sport pursuits.


Shared Thrills, Smiles Promised

Bonding Over Snow

The Motowinch experience is about more than just individual rides; it's a conduit for shared joy and camaraderie in the snow. It eliminates the need for a traditional winch operator, fostering a seamless group dynamic where everyone can participate equally. This innovative approach to winter sports invites friends and family to enjoy collective adventures, creating lasting memories filled with laughter, excitement, and shared achievements on the snow.

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